Correct Drywall Repair Has Safety In Mind

One of the first considerations made is that of weight. Thereafter, the drywall repair oakland job takes into account a correct selection of materials. This becomes more important when a number of large repair jobs are being given consideration under one contract. For instance, half an inch of regular drywall sheeting already weighs nearly two pounds per square foot. And when working with a total of over fifty pounds in weight on a single job no accidents can be entertained.

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The drywall technician also has to be careful of buckets. Buckets carrying five gallons of compound become drowning and suffocating hazards to small children. A standard safety measure is to always clean away dust. Drywall sanding dust can pose respiratory problems. The drywall technician should be wearing his dust mask at all times. The dust mask helps to block out airborne gypsum and silica particles.

A plastic drop-cloth needs to be placed around the work area. All dust will be wiped off of the drop-cloth with a damp sponge. Surrounding areas can be vacuumed. Correct drywall repair also requires the use of correct drywall compounds. But they are generally lightweight and all-purpose. They are easy to work with. Their room temperature shelf life is valid for nine months. Ideally, a bucket that can hold four and half gallons of compound will be used if an entire house is under repairs.

Light weight compound dries quicker than all-purpose material It also requires less force to sand. A peel and stick patch is used to repair doorknob damage. This patch is made from aluminum and is covered with a fiberglass mesh. A specialist drywall knife is used to apply drywall compound over the mesh, with three coats being applied in all.

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